Our priority for this event is to tell the story behind the landmark new airport in Istanbul, from conception to delivery. The key means by which this will be achieved is through two unique conferences. These will be complemented by a series of conference sessions led by Future Travel Experience, which will provide a platform for leading airport and airline speakers from around the world to share their latest strategies and visions.

The New Airport Show Istanbull conference 01 The New Airport Show Istanbull conference 02 The New Airport Show Istanbull conference 03 The New Airport Show Istanbull conference 04 The New Airport Show Istanbull conference 05 The New Airport Show Istanbull conference 06

The Istanbul Airport Showcase Conference

A deep-dive on the story behind the new airport. You can expect to hear from senior executives from İGA, Turkish Airlines and the other key partners to the project, who will share insight on how the new airport was approached, the challenges that were overcome along the way, and the key learnings other industry stakeholders can take away and apply to their own development projects.

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Complemented by unique conference tracks from Future Travel Experience with leading speakers from around the world

Future Travel Experience conferences are truly unique and deliver a memorable learning experience by providing progressive insight from industry leaders, technology giants, disruptors, parallel industries, academia and startups. FTE hosts plenary sessions to provide outside-of-the-box thinking and inspiration on the future from industry first-movers, and also drills down into dedicated focus areas through multiple conference tracks, which are tailored to specific areas of interest. In addition, to facilitate the best level of knowledge-sharing and interactivity, FTE’s conference sessions utilise diverse formats ranging from Co-creation Roundtables through to Fireside Chats.

Ancillary Conference

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Digital & Innovation

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Future Airports Conference

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Up in the Air

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Latest Confirmed speakers:

Juha Jarvinen

EVP Commercial, Virgin Atlantic Airways & President of the Board of Directors,

Santiago Aldana Sanín


Clyde Hutchinson

Head of Innovation,
Viva Air Labs

Karin Gylin

Head of Innovation,
Swedavia AB

Rohit Talwar

Fast Future

Mariana Fonseca Medina

Director of Ancillary & Merchandising Strategy,
American Airlines

Apple Ignacio

Director of Ancillary,
Cebu Pacific Air

Seyda Tartar

Digital Innovation Manager,
Turkish Airlines

Ahmet Olmuştur

Turkish Airlines

Thomas Hoff Andersson

Chief Operating Officer,
Bengaluru International Airport

Katarina Hlavata

Senior Ancillaries Manager,

Nicholas Woods

Chief Information Officer,
MAG (Airports Group)

Murat Demirbilek

Vice President of Ground Operations,
Pegasus Airlines

İsmail Polat

Chief Technical Officer (CTO),
Istanbul Airport/IGA

Ersin Inankul

CIO of Istanbul Airport,
General Manager iGA Systems

Mert Basar

Chief Commercial Officer,
Istanbul Airport

Matthias Walther - <p>CMO</p>

Matthias Walther


Inflight VR

Gina Dragulin - <p>Director of Product Marketing & Partner Marketing</p>

Gina Dragulin

Director of Product Marketing & Partner Marketing


Deniz Kargacı - <p>Quality Assurance and Business Development Manager</p>

Deniz Kargacı

Quality Assurance and Business Development Manager


Nisa Talay - <p>Project Manager-Hydrogeologist</p>

Nisa Talay

Project Manager-Hydrogeologist


Hatice Cinar - <p>HSE Director</p>

Hatice Cinar

HSE Director


Haluk Çeribaşı - <p>Company Director</p>

Haluk Çeribaşı

Company Director


Nihan Derinöz - <p>Regional Office Director</p>

Nihan Derinöz

Regional Office Director


Ilya Gutlin - <p>Chief Commercial Officer</p>

Ilya Gutlin

Chief Commercial Officer

Elenium Automation

Asli Bayraktar - <p>Account Services Manager</p>

Asli Bayraktar

Account Services Manager

Hitit CS

Erdinç Uğurlu - <p>VP, Business Solutions</p>

Erdinç Uğurlu

VP, Business Solutions

Pegasus Airlines

Brett Dyason - <p>Co-Founder & CEO</p>

Brett Dyason

Co-Founder & CEO


Stephan M. Schwolgin - <p>ORAT Consultant (CPH Airports International)</p>

Stephan M. Schwolgin

ORAT Consultant (CPH Airports International)

İGA İstanbul New Airport

Matthew Elgie - <p>Digital Director</p>

Matthew Elgie

Digital Director


Ben Robertson - <p>Product Manager - Ancillary Revenue</p>

Ben Robertson

Product Manager - Ancillary Revenue


Oliver Salway - <p>Director</p>

Oliver Salway



Lauren Costello - <p>Director, Programs & Services</p>

Lauren Costello

Director, Programs & Services

Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX)

Harald Jentsch - <p>Head of Airports & Baggage Screening</p>

Harald Jentsch

Head of Airports & Baggage Screening

Smiths Detection

Michael Ollitervo-Murphy - <p>VP of Customer Experience</p>

Michael Ollitervo-Murphy

VP of Customer Experience


Marco Ghassemi - <p>Sr. Director, Account Management</p>

Marco Ghassemi

Sr. Director, Account Management

Panasonic Avionics

Jasper Quak - <p>Global Business Development</p>

Jasper Quak

Global Business Development


Onur Dedekoylu - <p>Senior Vice President - Marketing and e-commerce</p>

Onur Dedekoylu

Senior Vice President - Marketing and e-commerce

Pegasus Airlines

Lisa Bovio - <p>Chief Commercial Officer</p>

Lisa Bovio

Chief Commercial Officer


Ravi Bagal - <p>Head of Worldwide Business Development, Consumers and Retail</p>

Ravi Bagal

Head of Worldwide Business Development, Consumers and Retail

Amazon Web Services

Michele Fuhs - <p>Founder of Circle4x and former Head of Future Retail of BMW</p>

Michele Fuhs

Founder of Circle4x and former Head of Future Retail of BMW


Andrea Boni - <p>Founder, LoungeXperiences and former Vice President Marketing, Innovation and Business Development at Brussels Airlines </p>

Andrea Boni

Founder, LoungeXperiences and former Vice President Marketing, Innovation and Business Development at Brussels Airlines


Elisabeth Huber - <p>Innovation and Digitization Manager</p>

Elisabeth Huber

Innovation and Digitization Manager

Terminal 2 Company Munich Airport

Jan Richards - <p>Head of Insights & Planning</p>

Jan Richards

Head of Insights & Planning

Dublin Airport

Abdullah Nergiz - <p>Customer Experience Director</p>

Abdullah Nergiz

Customer Experience Director


Jovan Djukic - <p>Manager Ancillary Services</p>

Jovan Djukic

Manager Ancillary Services

Air Serbia

Nicole Jung - <p>Senior Manager Product & Service</p>

Nicole Jung

Senior Manager Product & Service


Luke Hawes - <p>Director</p>

Luke Hawes



Mustafa Mucahitoglu - <p>Customer Experience Supervisor</p>

Mustafa Mucahitoglu

Customer Experience Supervisor

Turkish Airlines

Urban Söderberg - <p>Market Development Manager RFID Aviation</p>

Urban Söderberg

Market Development Manager RFID Aviation

Avery Dennison

Ismihan Anderson - <p>IT and Automation Director</p>

Ismihan Anderson

IT and Automation Director

Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen

Nirali Shah - <p>Director of Innovation, Partnerships</p>

Nirali Shah

Director of Innovation, Partnerships

Vantage Airport Group

Andrew Thomas - <p>Partner</p>

Andrew Thomas



Tomas Stokke - <p>Director</p>

Tomas Stokke


Haptic Architects

Graham Bolton - <p>Global Practice Leader – Aviation</p>

Graham Bolton

Global Practice Leader – Aviation

Mott Macdonald

Rosanne van der Stam - <p>Value Stream Owner for Customer Experience </p>

Rosanne van der Stam

Value Stream Owner for Customer Experience

Royal Schiphol Group

Fiona Carleton - <p>Director of Expansion Strategy & Future Operations</p>

Fiona Carleton

Director of Expansion Strategy & Future Operations


Guido Woska - <p>Head of Passenger Experience Design (Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian)</p>

Guido Woska

Head of Passenger Experience Design (Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian)

Lufthansa Group

Ülkü Özeren - <p>Director - Environment & Sustainability</p>

Ülkü Özeren

Director - Environment & Sustainability

İGA İstanbul New Airport

Tiina Tissari - <p>VP Ancillary Business</p>

Tiina Tissari

VP Ancillary Business


Emilio Chacon Monsant - <p>SVP Ancillary Revenues & Direct Sales</p>

Emilio Chacon Monsant

SVP Ancillary Revenues & Direct Sales


Neil Harvey - <p>Head of Airline Performance</p>

Neil Harvey

Head of Airline Performance

Gatwick Airport

M. Osama Sheikh - <p>Project Manager – Technology & Innovation</p>

M. Osama Sheikh

Project Manager – Technology & Innovation

Pakistan International Airlines

Simone van Neerven - <p>Head of Innovation</p>

Simone van Neerven

Head of Innovation


Marcus Motzkuhn - <p>Manager Digital Distribution & Solutions</p>

Marcus Motzkuhn

Manager Digital Distribution & Solutions


Álvaro Coromina - <p>CIO</p>

Álvaro Coromina


Evelop Airlines

Paul Hogan - <p>Event Director</p>

Paul Hogan

Event Director

The New Airport Show Istanbul

Tan Lye Teck - <p>Executive Vice President - Airport Management</p>

Tan Lye Teck

Executive Vice President - Airport Management

Changi Airport Group

Sinead Finn - <p>Director</p>

Sinead Finn



Paul Armstrong - <p>Enterprise Solutions Architect</p>

Paul Armstrong

Enterprise Solutions Architect

Amazon Web Services

Marta Dimitrova - <p>Assistant Editor</p>

Marta Dimitrova

Assistant Editor

Future Travel Experience

Maria Cardenal - <p>Ex-Vueling and actual Product & Digital Services Director at </p>

Maria Cardenal

Ex-Vueling and actual Product & Digital Services Director at


Niraj Batra - <p>Associate Vice President- Ancillary Revenue, Business Development & Distribution</p>

Niraj Batra

Associate Vice President- Ancillary Revenue, Business Development & Distribution


Akira Mitsumasu - <p>VP - Global Marketing, Japan Airlines & Member of the APEX Board of Directors </p>

Akira Mitsumasu

VP - Global Marketing, Japan Airlines & Member of the APEX Board of Directors

Japan Airlines

Tony Chapman - <p>Senior Director, Marketing, Product Management and Strategy</p>

Tony Chapman

Senior Director, Marketing, Product Management and Strategy

Collins Aerospace

Marc Giles - <p>Head of Guest Experience</p>

Marc Giles

Head of Guest Experience

Aer Lingus

Ryan Ghee - <p>Head of Strategy, Engagement and Content</p>

Ryan Ghee

Head of Strategy, Engagement and Content

Future Travel Experience

Joe Leader - <p>CEO</p>

Joe Leader



Kam Jandu - <p>Chief Commercial Officer</p>

Kam Jandu

Chief Commercial Officer

Budapest Airport

Chris Annetts - <p>Expansion Commercial Director</p>

Chris Annetts

Expansion Commercial Director


Simon Lamkin - <p>Chief Executive Officer</p>

Simon Lamkin

Chief Executive Officer

LamTech Solutions & former CIO of Brussels Airlines

Daniel Coleman - <p>Founder</p>

Daniel Coleman


Future Travel Experience



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